Hi there, I am a computer vision engineer and roboticist, a graduate of the Master's of Robotic Systems Development at Carnegie Mellon University and Bachelor's of Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo. I am passionate about designing robots and expanding the robotic industry into more widespread usage. I am most interested in the practical implementation of computer vision algorithms, controls, planning and system integration aspects of robotics.

I currently live in San Francisco, where I'm developing computer vision algorithms for various unmanned vehicles with embedded platforms. Come back to visit for updates on the 'Work' page if interested!

I'm on the constant lookout for imagination-catalysing, adrenaline-inducing, exertion-demanding projects in the field of robotics.

Beyond the call of duty and responsibility, I like to travel and trek, climbing glaciers and volcano alike. Some of my favourite places that I've traveled have been Christchurch, New Zealand and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Every now and again, I may also write a haiku.